How to Use Bonuses and Download

Here is a quick guide how to use our bonuses or download files.

Each of our bonuses has a short description, instructions how to use it and a link to the bonus itself. Getting the bonuses or downloading the files is pretty straightforward!

Sometimes the process might differ depending on the bonus but the general process is usually as follows.

First, click the green button to take you to the bonus/download page:

The bonus pages differ but they typically require you to enter your username to begin. You can usually skip this part if it is a mobile giveaway and you are on a mobile device with the app installed on it.

Enter the username (if required) and click the button to proceed:

If you are eligible for the giveaway you will be asked to share the bonus page. You can do this to immediately unlock the bonus or simply wait 999 seconds and the bonus unlocks automatically:

Finally, you will be asked to complete a quick human verification after which the bonus will be added to your account. This is an easy step. Just choose one of the offers below and complete the instructions:

That’s it! After you complete the offer you will be immediately granted the bonus.

We hope this simple tutorial helps. Note that some bonuses might have different instructions which are included in the post about them. Please contact us if you have further questions or just ask for help in the comments!