About Gamehooligan

Gamehooligan.com is everything a gamer could dream of! We focus on finding exclusive giveaways, deals and tricks for mobile and PC (and someteimes console) games. Each giveaway is either an exclusive deal that we have made with our partners or a rare find that you cannot miss!

You can finally forget these shady hacking websites that offer you to refill mobile game gems or add unlimited lives. We have completely legal ways to do this and even more! We always check and monitor each and every one of our posts and update them daily if needed. This way you can always be sure that everything is working and that everything is completely safe to use.

We are quite young website but already have many fans! Hundreds of our users and partners say that this is the best website a gamer could find! Here is one example of an email from a happy visitor:

Hey, I just wanted to thank you for doing what you’re doing! I know various free giveaways for games and game resources pop up from time to time and I often use them. However, having them all in one place is really awesome and convenient!  I hope you continue being such an amazing website as you are now! Thanks again!

-Jake, mobile gamer and Twitch streamer

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