Free Mobile Strike Gold Giveaway!

Free Mobile Strike Gold

Mobile Strike is the new craze! Who wouldn’t like to become an action hero? Even better when that hero is Arnold!

There is just on downside. Fighting your enemies, using various assault vehicles, building a base and the facilities around it… All this requires a lot of time since there are timers on practically every action you take: you have to wait a certain amount of time before you can proceed and build again.

Luckily, we have a bonus that will solve the waiting problem!

We are giving away free 100 000 Gold for every Mobile Strike player! And there are no requirements to become eligible: simply click the button below, share the website and get the bonus!


  1. Click the button below to proceed to the giveaway page.
  2. Enter your Mobile Strike username (you can skip this if you are browsing on mobile device where you have Mobile Strike installed)
  3. Share the page
  4. Complete a quick human verification
  5. Launch Mobile Strike and see the gold being added to your account!

But wait, there is more! You heard it right! Not only will you get the bonus Gold but also several additional immediate bonuses:

Mobile Strike Bonuses

So don’t wait anymore and grab the bonus now before it ends! It is very limited and might end soon due to popular demand! Become the strongest one in your alliance now! Oh, and make sure to tell them about this giveaway as well!

Mobile Strike Gold is the main resource in the game that can be spent on almost anything. You will be able to speed up the building process, get VIP status and various other upgrades.

This is a giveaway and does not require hacking or cheating meaning that your account is completely safe! The Gold will appear in your account immediately next time you launch the game.

Mobile Strike

What is the most efficient way to spend Mobile Strike Gold?

Of course, it depends on your playing style, but we have compiled a quick guide for you!

One of the ways is to reinvest the gold into upgrading the gold mine. It is the best way to regularly receive gold. The total cost of upgrading the level 1 gold mine up to level 21 would be 20 000 Gold. This would earn you 9 000 Gold every month. Have in mind that this is a long term investment as the cost would be covered only after 80 days which is more than two months. However, this would guarantee that you will get a sizable amount of gold every month and it is a good investment.

Try to use Gold to win challenges but remember to balance it so you would win more Gold than you spend on this. Don’t hurry too much on increasing the headquarters level, though. A higher level will give you better challenges but they will be a lot harder to win. Therefore, try to squeeze out as much out of every level before moving onto the next one.

Focus on troop training and research challenges as they are usually easily won by using Gold and speed ups. Max out your commander’s training I and II skills. Research training speed I and II as much as you can. Build and upgrade as many banks as you can.

To sum up, you need to use the bonus Gold to create a stable regular stream of more Gold. Then use challenges to maintain your Gold balance.

Mobile Compatible

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2 Responses

  1. SV says:

    The best game ever! Thank you for the bonus!

  2. Cew says:

    This bonus makes the game playable. Otherwise it would be too boring

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