Hill Climb Racing 2 Gems and Coins Bonus!

Hill Climb Racing 2 Free Gems

Free Hill Climb Racing 2 gems and coins are now available for everybody! We are giving away this bonus so you could upgrade your cars, unlock new adventures and open rewards!

Hill Climb Racing 2 is even better that its predecessor. It is more balanced, more addictive and you can compete against other players. At first you progress quite easily: each time you win a cup you get a reward chest which can be opened just by watching a free video. This gives you coins and other bonuses including looks and gems. However, the more you play the game the harder it is to earn more coins. The free bonuses end quickly and you need to wait a long time if you want to open bonus chests. This means that you cannot progress through ranks and need to grind the same stages again and again before you can buy new cars and open new cups.

The only way to speed up the game process (which is too slow by default due to timers implemented almost at every step of the game) is to use a very scarce game currency: gems. They can be used to unlock the rewards chests immediately as well as to buy coins which are useful for upgrading your cars and unlocking new adventures. However, the gems get depleted quite quickly and the only option for you is to wait before you can continue playing and receive decent amounts of coins for completing the stages.

Luckily, this slow game problem can be solved quite easily. Just claim this free gems and coins bonus and you will be able to enjoy the game without any artificial waiting times being put on every stage of it. You will be able to use gems to immediately open reward chests. If you run out of gold you can always replenish it by exchanging the gems into coins. This means that you will be able to upgrade your cars faster, unlock more cups and move up to the platinum, diamond and legendary ranks where the real competition is, instead of grinding the first three (bronze, silver and gold) for days.

We went ahead and got the best deal for you. Therefore, you will get free 10 000 gems and 100 000 coins and you will be able to spend them without any limits!

Get 10 000 gems and 100 000 coins now!


  1. Click the button below
  2. Enter your nickname. Skip this if you are browsing on a mobile device with Hill Climb Racing 2 installed on it.
  3. Share the page
  4. If required, complete a quick human verification step
  5. Launch Hill Climb Racing 2
  6. Use the newly added gems and coins as you wish!
  7. Repeat if you need more

Hillclimb Racing 2 Bonus

What is the most effective way to use Hill Climb Racing 2 gems and coins?
Follow these tips in order to maximize the efficiency. Having 10 000 gems in your account might seem like a lot but you are better off if you spend them wisely!
Play cups and open rewards. You are always better off playing the cups for rewards than going on adventures. Adventures do not give high rewards for distance traveled and they can be claimed only once anyways. Therefore, focus on unlocking new cups and winning them first instead of investing in unlocking new adventure stages. You can come back here later when you have a better car which will cope with long distances and earn back your investment of unlocking.
Opening rewards chests. Only use gems to open rewards chests when you run out of free opens by watching the video advertisements. This way you will not waste your gems. The free opens reappear once in a while after you come back to the game so always make sure to check if you have them.
Open rewards before exchanging gems into gold. In most cases opening the biggest reward box costs less in gems and gives you more coins than exchanging the gems directly in the shop. Therefore, you are better off racing and opening the rewards instead of going straight to the shop. This way you will also accumulate experience and will be able to move up the ranks faster.
Upgrade you car carefully. Do not jump from car to car as soon as they become available for purchase. Stay with your old car which is already upgraded and performs better. We recommend skipping every three cars before buying a new one and having different style ones (a jeep, a motorcycle, a monster jeep and so on). Also, upgrade the cars only as much as you need to win the races. If you feel that you can still beat others with your old one there is no need to make improvements: better save the coins for your next purchase!

Mobile Compatible

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