Clash Royale Gems for Free!

100 000 Free Clash Royale Gems

We are giving away free Clash Royale gems! Everybody is eligible! Get the bonus now, dive into the game and enjoy virtually unlimited spending!

Clash Royale is really addicting and great game. You can spend hours and hours playing against others, collecting cards and trying new strategies. The only downside is long waiting times and parts of the game that can be sped up only by spending gems.

Gems, however, are very scarce but very valuable resource. You can use them to buy gold, open chests and speed up the whole game process. Players who have a lot of gems can dominate others easily and rush to the top in no time!

Luckily, we now have a giveaway available for all our visitors thanks to our partners at GemsRoyale. We have created a tool that will register you for this giveaway automatically in just a few quick steps. You will receive 100 000 free Clash Royale gems to your account immediately!


  1. Click the green button to go to the giveaway page
  2. Enter your Clash Royale user name. You will be able to skip this if you are on a mobile device with the game installed: we will detect the user automatically.
  3. Share the page if required
  4. Complete a quick human verification
  5. Launch Clash Royale
  6. You will receive the gems instantly!

Make sure you also tell about this giveaway to all of your friends, especially if they are in your clan! Alternatively, if you know your friends’ usernames you can simply claim the bonus for them and make a pleasant surprise!

Clash Royale Gems

How to spend Clash Royale gems wisely:

We have several quick tips if you want to spend the gems as efficiently as possible. We know it is a lot of gems but it is better to follow these general guidelines than to waste the gems and find out that you are still behind some players.

Make sure you buy gold immediately after you receive gems. The more gold you buy at once the cheaper it is, so always try to buy the biggest packs.

Open chests with your gems only when you have your chests row full as this way it is much cheaper.

Silver chests should be opened during the day while all others: during the night.

We recommend taking your time before rushing to another level. This way you would need to buy chests from the shop and it will be more costly. Also, you will have less experience as a player and will find it hard to play.

Buy the first Common, Rare and Epic cards in the Shop as it is a good deal.

Finally, always donate to your clan whenever you can. Gold and XP is more important for you than your cards, so don’t be greedy!

Mobile Compatible

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