Free Full Super Mario Run (All Worlds + Bonuses)

Super Mario Run Unlock All Worlds

Here is a free method to unlock all Super Mario Run levels.

Have you tried Super Mario Run already? It just came out and people with iOS devices can already enjoy it. If you have an android phone you can download this game too, just go to the Super Mario early download for Android page and follow the instructions there.

Those who have downloaded the game have probably already noticed that it is not really a free one. It allows you to play three levels and then it asks for a $9.99 payment if you want to continue playing. While many players are disappointed by this pricing tactic, we have a way to get all worlds completely for free. Additionally, you will also get free Toad Rally tickets and coins bonuses.

Here is a complete list of what you will get:

  • All worlds unlocked
  • Toad Rally Tickets Rally tickets x 50
  • Coins Coins x 5000
  • Blocks ? Blocks x 1

Please note that you will still have to play and win the levels one by one in order to proceed in the game. However, you will be allowed to proceed further after your free trial ends (you will get the full version of the game).


  1. Simply click the green button to start.
  2. Share the page so others could use the bonus as well.
  3. Complete a quick human verification.
  4. Restart the game and enjoy the complete version for free!

We recommend visiting this page on your mobile device where you have Super Mario Run installed in order for the bonus to work perfectly!

Mobile Compatible

Bonus tips for Super Mario Run players: jumping
Most likely you already know that tapping is for small jumps and holding the screen is for longer jumps. However, make sure you also use the double jump: tap the screen, hold it, then tap again whilst in air in order to stall for a second and fly a bit further.
Also, jumping against the walls allows Mario to bounce back to the reverse direction for a short amount of time. Use this to come back and collect the coins you have left behind.
When you time your jump perfectly and hit a space between two blocks, you can get both bonuses because you smash both the blocks at once. This is a very useful tactic!

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  1. December 19, 2016

    It really unlocks the full version of the game!

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