Candy Crush Soda Saga Gold Bars and Lives!

Free Candy Crush Soda Saga Gold Bars and Lives

Get 10 000 Gold Bars bonus for Candy Crush Soda Saga and use them to buy lives and boosters now!

Candy Crush is the most addicting game ever! You can play it anywhere and any time: at home, at your work, at school… During short breaks between work, at night when you can’t fall asleep or when waiting in a long queue… And it never ends as new and new levels are added.

The main problem is obviously limited number of lives and boosters. Sometimes the levels are quite easy and sometimes they take several tries before you complete them. However, from time to time we run into levels which seem to be designed so that you would use all your lives and boosters and ask your friends for help. Ant even that is not enough!

This is why we are offering you 10 000 free Gold Bars. Use them whenever you get stuck on a very hard level. Buy more lives, turns, boosters, unlock new levels and more. From now on, forget asking your friends for additional lives and concentrate on the game! You will quickly pull away from everybody else on the map and become the king of Candy Crush!


  1. Click the button below to go to the giveaway page.
  2. Enter your Facebook email with which you have authorized Candy Crush Soda Saga app (you can skip this if you are browsing on mobile device where you have the game installed)
  3. Share the page
  4. Complete a quick human verification step
  5. Launch Soda Saga and see the Gold Bars being added to your account!

Soda Saga Bonus

What is the best way to spend Gold Bars?

Here are a few quick things to consider before diving into the game and spending all of the Gold Bars immediately!

First, try completing the level without any help. Most levels don’t need boosters or additional moves. They are pretty easy and it is more fun to finish the level yourself than to get help. Even the harder ones can usually be figured out after a couple of tries. Familiarize yourself with the level to find out if it is worth spending your Gold Bars on additional help.

Buy additional moves at the end. Quite often you would end up with an almost finished level and 0 moves remaining. In many cases it is more efficient to use the additional moves in the end than boosters in the beginning.

Don’t use boosters when the level starts. Unless you can gain a major advantage, use some moves to find out if you will manage to win the level. Sometimes when you use the levels right in the beginning you end up with a wasted booster and a wasted live.

In short, always double check if a booster is really necessary. Use them only if they give you a bigger advantage than using regular moves.

Mobile Compatible

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