Summoners War Crystals Bonus!

Free Summoners War Crystals

Summoners War is our new favorite game! The ads for this game are everywhere and this is how we found out about it as well! The game doesn’t really need advertisement to be honest! It already has over 60 million players and it is very addicting!

And now the best part! After some negotiations we have made the impossible possible: you can now get 10 000 Crystals for free! An additional bonus of 100 000 Mana will also be added!

Hurry up and take bonus now as we don’t know if it will last long!


  1. Click the button below to proceed to the giveaway page.
  2. Enter your Summoners name (you can skip this if you are browsing on mobile device where you have Summoners War app installed)
  3. Share the page
  4. Complete a quick human verification step
  5. Launch Summoners Ware and see the Crystals and Mana being added immediately!

This bonus will allow you to get enough Crystals to immediately become one of the best! You can spend them on practically anything and speed up the process significantly!

Summoners War

What is the best way to spend Summoners War Crystals?

We have compiled a few tips on how to spend the Crystals efficiently. Your spending might differ due to your playing style but there are some good tips that should be considered.

3 days Double EXP is probably the best choice. It is a very efficient purchase value wise. You can also purchase 1 day of double EXP but 3 days is a better choice. However, don’t buy if you have just started the game. It is better to purchase later in the game, especially if you are already in mid-game.

Buying Mana is not necessary. The prices of Mana are too high and buying it does not pay off. You can buy some in the beginning of the game but later it should not be necessary at all.

Refresh the shop when you have opened all (or most of) the shop slots. The price is low and the benefits are worth it.

Refill energy. You can combine this with double EXP and flash farming.

There are more ways to spend your Crystals and it all depends on what you want to achieve. Remember that spending Crystals is a good option early to mid-game and is less helpful if you are already advanced. In the end, Crystals add less and less value so it is best to use the most of them at the beginning.

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