We Are Giving Away Free CS:GO Skins!

Free CSGO Skins and Knives

You heard it right! We are opening GameHooligan with a bang! Tons of free Counter Strike: Global Offensive skins available for you to claim! Simply follow the instructions below and immediately get a random skin worth up to $1000! Take one yourself and tell your friends as well before this giveaway ends!

CS:GO skins make your weapons look much cooler! More than that, they are also worth a lot of money! Check out Steam Market or other marketplaces like OPSkins and you will see prices ranging from a few cents to several hundred or even thousands of dollars!

Next time you can hop into the game rocking a beautiful shiny knife, AWP or rifle. You will notice immediately that people respect you more if you have valuable skins in your inventory!

Before proceeding, make sure you own Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on the Steam account that you want to receive the bonus to.


  1. Click the button below to proceed to the giveaway page.
  2. Enter your Steam account name
  3. Share the page
  4. Our trade bots will send you the skin shortly after you complete the required steps. Make sure to accept it!

All skins are tradeable. They are given away at random. Most of the skins are Factory New or Minimal Worn.

CSGO Skins

What is the best way to get the most out of CS:GO skins?

When you receive the free skin you will probably be wondering what is the best use of it or any other skisn in your inventory? Well, we can give you a few ideas for this!

Gaming. We recommend to simply use it while playing your favorite game! If you get a rare or expensive skin (for example a knife), it might become your signature skin which everybody recognizes! Also, skins add trust and respect among players. Players who have expensive skins in their inventories are usually less prone to cheating accusations.

Trading. You can try and trade the skins into even more expensive items. Trade offers can be found anywhere: on Steam groups, trading sites, forums or even in game. Try trading your skins into slightly more valuable items time after time until you reach Dragon Lore ;). It might sound a bit too far-fetched, but… Well… Remember the story about the guy who started trading with a pencil and got his own house in the end?

Selling. There is a market for CS:GO skins. Steam Market has too many restrictions and you cannot withdraw the funds. However, you can sell the skin immediately for a good price on OPSkins, BitSkins or any other similar website. It will give you some quick cash. To take it even further, you can make it into an investment opportunity: sell the skin for Bitcoin and  wait for the cryptocurrency to appreciate!

Collecting. This is also an investment opportunity. Simply collect the skins in your inventory. Skins over $50 and knives tend to appreciate in value over time. This means that in two years you might be able to sell it for much more than you would receive now. This also allows you to enjoy the skin and play with it for a while!

5 Responses

  1. Shaikh says:

    OMG! I got factory new gut knife marble fade !!!

  2. FAX says:

    I got skin worth $120!!! Selling it on OPSkins for sure!

  3. VIREN says:

    Got the skin!

  4. Ramesh Tharu says:

    it still works!

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